Mosaic Australia is a group of people whose are expertise and know how to sell or purchase a business; our certified and specialised business brokers have exceptional reputation among the business community and are capable to advise you wisely regarding the selling of your business.

As a business selling or buying services provider we know the value of each business and that’s why we focus upon the business quality and reputation, the more prominent and reputed the business is, the more success and profit you it generates. And every buyer looking to buy only those businesses whose are capable to deliver the great profit returns and having services which is trending and demanded in the market.

We concentrate on few but top notch organizations, to ensure that your business gets the potential attention that it worth. Mosaic Australia has spearheaded a unique and significantly more successful model of Business Brokerage.

Rather listing 100s or 1000s of businesses with the traditional model that at least some of these will be sold. It is an old and ineffective model and we don’t consider this strategy and believes in listing less but high quality businesses and handling a specific amount of listings and make sure that each will be sold precisely with the time.

This approach ensures our business listing owners to get their listings properly handled with care gets the potential attention it deserves, and your business gets the best possible price. Helping you in fulfilling your goals is our aim. We grasp change yet are aware of convention, and an extraordinary mix of local learning and experience isolates Mosaic Australia from different business broker firms. Just hire us to get the peace of mind with our high quality business brokerage services.

You will get these delights when you start selling your business with us


Maintaining the most extreme classification and unwavering quality in the business deal prepare.

Connecting Purchasers

Connecting qualified purchasers with buyers in Australia

Developing Brokerage

Quickly extending, turning into the quickest developing brokerage of Australia

Automated Postings

Automated postings over different stages including online and offline both channels

Why to sell business with Mosaic Australia?

There are several reasons approaching you to sell your business with us, let’s read each of those:

1. Access the biggest database of qualified business buyers in Australia.
  • Sell a business online and open the way of getting the right investment opportunity for thousands of buyers searching for a great business opportunity of investment.
  • Sell your business with Business Brokers Sydney and open your way to connect with a large number of pre-qualified purchasers whose are looking for a precise investment occasion. We facilitate association and streamlining the procedure of sales between Australian business dealers with the ideal qualified purchasers.
  • We developed a process to get the detailed buyer information and pride upon it, which permits us to coordinate those hoping to purchase with the business or establishment available to be purchased that is ideal for them.
2. An adviser to coordinate your zone of business with customised services as per your needs.
  • When selecting Mosaic Australia to deal with the sale of your business, you can assume that you are in the best hands with Australia’s best business brokerage.
  • Our interesting brokerage benefit matches you with a Mosaic Australia agent who represents considerable authority in your particular industry.
  • Our business merchants experience the procedure of stringently screening those hoping to purchase; guaranteeing just genuine purchasers see insightful data.
  • Our expert business broker will help you by letting you know the accurate value of your business for sale and also give you the guidance to help you to sell your business precisely well to get the best value of your business.
3. Substantially more than only a professional resource.
  • We are focused on selling your organization or foundation. Our exceedingly proficient brokers, combined with our capacity to effectively showcase businesses available to be purchased in Australia, has seen us develop into the biggest brokerage firm in Australia.
  • Whether you are looking to sell your business or either you want to make the most of selling your business, or else you came here to find the best business to make your future, we only say that you are in safe hands.
  • If you hire us as your business broker, you will get the access to our experts and their knowledge, we are offering you several things like marketing plans, valuations, assistance, guidance and your dedicated and own personal Business Brokers in Sydney. Whenever you are confused and asking that “How do I sell my business?” Mosaic Australia is the best suited answer for you.
  • Business size or area doesn’t matter, we will give you our best business broker to that help you by bringing your business close to the buyers.
  • All you need to do is, just to connect with us and we are available to help you here. Just contact us today and let us know your requirements and we will be right back as soon as we got your details.