Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, is a dream city to relocate for business owners because it is the closest eastern board city to Asia with a Goss Regional Product (GRP) of $171 billion. There is abundant scope for business growth in key sectors, including mining, IT, food & beverage, manufacturing, tourism, and many others. Therefore, it is a wise decision if you have decided to move and set up your new office in Brisbane. However, managing the move of an office to a new city can be back-breaking due to logistical challenges. Hence, if you want to make the process easier, here are some useful tips by expert removalists in Brisbane.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Don’t make the mistake of deciding to manage the move without a plan. Moving is a tiring task that can even stress out people who have relocated their offices before. Hence, make sure your move is financially, logistically, and emotionally planned. Start looking for commercial properties for rent/sale in Brisbane at least six months in advance. After the real estate part is sorted, make a checklist of all the moving-related formalities, and task to get them done on time. Furthermore, ensure you manage the move in an eco-friendly manner by following environment-friendly packing and moving tips along with booking green removalists in Brisbane.

Give Communication Priority

Whether you are moving your old office or setting up a new one, it is essential to keep employees, stakeholders, and clients informed. Communication is vital to make the process easier because some people may be able to stick around while others may have to look for other options. Besides this, communication is essential to take the assistance of people associated with your business and delegate tasks to reliable resources. Having a chat with your employees and trusted stakeholders will help you choose a good location and get advice for the office design as well.

Declutter To Discard, Donate or Resell Office Contents

Moving to a new office is an excellent opportunity to discard, donate, or resell things that are broken, unwanted, or obsolete. It is essential because decluttering helps reduce the numbers of things to pack and move for the removalists.

Decluttering is economical because you don’t have to pay for moving things that are unnecessary and you can find things to resell. What’s more, you can give back to society by donating items that are unwanted but may help someone in need.

Hire a Moving Company

Relocating and setting up an office is not easy considering there are delicate electronics, bulky furniture, and important assets to move. Thus, it is best to hire professional removalists in Brisbane who are capable of packing, handling, and moving your office contents with utmost professionalisms. Other benefits of hiring a reputed removals company are:

  • The no damage guarantee
  • Moving insurance policies
  • Competitive rates
  • Availability of resources and equipment to manage the move on time

You can search online and office for reputed removalists offering packing and moving services for interstate relocations.

Make an Inventory List

After you have decluttered the office, make an inventory list of all the things you have to move. To get a template, you can visit the website of the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). Making this list is essential to know how many things you have to move. If you hire professional removalists, then they will come for inspection and analysis and make the inventory list to get suitable packing material and make a proposed budget. Besides this making, an inventory list is essential to avoid misplacement of important documents and client files.

Note: Most reputed removalists advise against moving important documents and files through moving trucks and say it is best if you carry them the vehicle you will travel.

Arrange Cleaners

Before moving out of the old office and moving into the new one, make sure you have both the properties professionally cleaned. If you rented the old property, then it would be necessary to perform end of lease cleaning because most realtors in Brisbane put a clause in the contract it. In case the property is not cleaned thoroughly. You can lose your security deposit or have significant deductions made from it.

The reason to get deep cleaning done for your new office is simple. You have to ensure it is safe and sanitary for you and your employees to work. Hence, before moving in ensure you get the property inspected for mould, pests, seepage and other problems that can cause health problems for workers and if any issue is found, get it resolved.

Wrapping Up

Moving and setting up a new office is challenging. Follow the tips mentioned above and make your move to the new place smooth and less stressful. Don’t forget to hire a reliable moving company in Brisbane because the experts will help you go through the strenuous process of relocation a lot more comfortable.